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It is TIME


The forgotten last Germanic
spiritual KRAFTORT

We are in the most powerful spiritually energetic area in Central Europe. The magical forests of this region have served witches and wizards as their headquarters. The 'disappeared' Germanic tribes established their
portal site here, at this spot - some say a 10,000 years ago.
These are the holy Externstones.

This is the area where the Roman Empire, permeated by, what we know as the 'INSTALLATION', was for the first time decisively defeated. 
There was no entry for the Romans here.

The Mystery of the Time-Travels

Allegedly, the 'other Germans' in World War II were aware of the naturally occuring cosmic rays and opened the first time portal in modern human history in a still existing Wolfenstein Castle nearby.

Through all these great or chaotic times, the magic of the German forest has still survived.

It is a place in harmony with the day of the equinox,
when the energies of this planet are the most concentrated.

For over two decades, one of the largest Yoga Ashrams in the world has been
established here, cleansing the area with rituals - day in, day out.

For this conference,
we are guests of this welcoming land and
just by celebrating in love and unity we are contributing to its healing.





A spiritual Conference


16.- 21. of October



How many Conferences you know that include rooms for everyone and the most energetical , healthy, organic food you can think of ??

Breakfast at 11 AM | Dinner at 6pm |
Dynamized Water Fountain 💧
Healthy Tea 🍵

SÉANCE - Contacting B6

Kaedrich Olsen | Tim.Tactics

The energies of the region are perfect to contact Being-6 🤩 We had amazing results in Italy -
now we are SCALING UP the Contact Experiment.
A Night you don't wanna miss.



Sarah Breskman Cosme offers a live hypnosis sesson right on stage. Have the Chance to connect to your highest self and ask Questions!

Sarah Breskman Cosme


Sarah Zula

Sarah Zula shows her method for freedom in a chaotic Society.


Sarah Breskman Cosme | Tim.Tactics | Jonny

They said, they have Material here on this Earth and they want to speak to you..

Click here for the List

Sarah Breskman Cosme | Tim.Tactics | Marsha

Imagine this: we landed in this Earth Experience together. How is this not already ridiculous...
The first Spiritual Comedy Club.

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Join the Conference.

  • What is included in the Conference Tickets?
    Well, we have set up a pretty great bundle for you 💜 Your ALL SHIFT HAPPILY NOW Conference Ticket already includes the Stay in a real Ashram. The Ashram is surrounded by an extremely pictoresque nature. A fantastic program packed with events await you - Kaedrich Olsen, the Shadow-worker. Sarah Zula, subconscious freedom coach. Sarah Breskman Cosme, world-class ET Hypnotist. And Tim.Tactics. The people in the Ashram provide fresh, often self-grown, fully organic and highly energized food 🥗 We will also have access to a dynametized Water Fountain 💧 You should really test all the different sorts of Water - and their effect on your body. There will also be a healthy Tea Bar every Day 🍵 So, to put a direct answer to your Question - the TICKET INCLUDES: 🔹The full Conference Experience 🌟 🔹Rooms inside the Ashram 🛏️ 🔹Organic, highly-energized food, twice a day 🥬🍽️ 🔹Fresh Fruits in the morning 🍐 🔹A healthy Tea Bar throughout the Day 🍵 🔹Unlimited Water from a dynametized Water Fountain with different Options to choose from 💧 🔹Unlimited Access to the Meditation Tower and the surrounding Land 🧘‍♀️ 🔹One Yoga Class per Person - choose from a great variety of available Classes 🔹Access to the Pranayama Training - Train live with the Ashram People 🔹Access to the Fire (Homa) Ceremony 🔹 Other Goodies and Suprises 🤩💜 Note: The Kid's Club is not included in the Conference Ticket and must be purchased separately. Send us an inquiry when you're interested in booking this for your kids.
  • What is the Theming of the Big ALL SHIFT HAPPILY NOW Conference?
    Imagine, one Day after this Earth Experience we all reflect on how fantastic it was to go through this life's journey together. This moment of Time - we are all gathered on this Earth. We look into the Sky, everything feels right. We are here. We are on this amazing Trip together. Let this moment be NOW. Get your Tickets now.
  • Can Parents come with Kids??
    Yep. Yes - really. The Ashram has organized a Kids Club. The impossible is possible. Go to your favourite Conference, bring your favourite little humans - and do your favourite thing: Spend time with them and without them. While you are enjoying the most meaningful vacation of your life, your children are happily taught about the Forest, go playing This Service isn't included in the Conference Tickets. Please send us a mail, when you are interested to book this for your kids. Here
  • What is it like to live in an Ashram?
    For the big ALL SHIFT HAPPILY NOW Conference, we will stay in one of the biggest Ashrams worldwide. If this is your first time staying in an Ashram - Welcome! This will be super interesting. Rest assured that the Yogis there will do their best to let you have your best experience. However, there are certain house rules that we love to respect. The Ashram steps back from societal drugs like nicotine, alcohol, coffee (well, there is an emergency café, if you reeeally need one in the morning) and even Cannabis (however it is now LEGAL in Germany!). Instead, we will be welcomed with fresh teas, a water fountain that allows you to test a multitude of charged waters and fresh fruits in the mornings. From 10pm, the Ashram welcomes everyone to practice meditative silence. Always keep your shoes off before you enter one of the over one-hundred ritual rooms. Everyone who has a Conference Ticket is invited to attend one of multiple Yoga Classes. The big area around the Ashram is open to you, invites to connect and explore the Germanic Nature. The Rooms inside an Ashram are very simple. The Ashram is not a Hotel. Please, don't expect that. Yogis are encouraged to learn to be responsible for their space by cleaning up themselves 🗑️ Instead, we can expect a highly energetic Community, incense everywhere. Every product used is eco and organic. And Ceremonies. If you are willing to - you can even experience a Fire Ceremony at 5am, every day in the morning.
  • What are the Rooms like in an Ashram
    Everything is held very simple. You will not find a TV on your room. There is a Philosophy behind this Choice. And it is an absolute rarity and such an amazing circumstance that everyone can stay very close to each other at the Conference while having an incredibly large area to explore on their own. 🌳
  • What is the philosophical background of Yoga Vidya?
    Yoga Vidya is rooted in the teachings of Swami Sivananda, a renowned Indian guru and spiritual teacher. Swami Sivananda was a prominent yoga master and founder of the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh, India. His disciple, Swami Vishnudevananda, further spread Sivananda's teachings and founded the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres. Most of the principles and practices of Yoga Vidya are based on these traditions and teachings.
  • Do I have to be religious?
    Nooo. No, you do not have to be religious to visit Yoga Vidya. The ashram welcomes people from all backgrounds and beliefs. The focus is on yoga, meditation, and personal growth, and everyone is encouraged to participate according to their own comfort level and beliefs.
  • They have a 'Shivalaya' - What is that?
    The Ashram has a special Meditation Tower. It is dedicated towards Shiva - the silent Aspect of the Universe. Take your time to go into deep meditation here. Maybe listen to one of the many ALL SHIFT HAPPILY NOW meditations. You will even find a special meditation room in complete darkness. Overwhelming: the expansive, heart-opening view over the green hills, forests, and meadows of the Teutoburg Forest that you can overlook from this Tower. Please: Keep your shoes off, respect the silence of this area.
  • Where is the Location?
    We will stay in Europe's biggest Yoga Ashram. Yoga Vidya Ashram Yogaweg 1 32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg Germany In case you have urgent direct Questions for the Ashram, here are their phone number and email. +49 5234 870 | badmeinberg(at) The Ashram is not a hotel. Please do not expect that either. We are very grateful that we can hold this conference in collaboration with the Ashram.
  • Which is the best way to get there?
    The Ashram is within the magical German Forest. There is not much around, but Nature, small medieval Towns and some of the most spiritual sites on this Planet... The best Airport would be Paderborn-Lippstadt-Airport. There are also Airports in Hannover (90km, 56 miles), Dortmund and Düsseldorf. There is a small station - you can also take the Train from Bielefeld. The name of the German Town is Horn-Bad-Meinberg.
  • Do I need a Visa??
    In case you are US-American or Canadian or Australian or British, in our experience you do not need any Visa for the Stay. US Americans and Canadians can visit Europe for up to 90 days within a 180-day period without a visa under the Schengen Agreement. In case you are an EU-Citizen, then well... We don't have any borders for other Europeans anymore. Luckily. Still - don't forget: It is your responsibility to have all required documents for Travel.
  • Do you offer a Ticket without the Ashram, the Food or the Rooms?
    Nooo. 🤓
  • When is Arrival / When is Departure?
    Day 1 and Day 6 are Arrival and Departure Days. You can arrive at the Ashram at any time after 1 local time you like. Guests can arrive from 1 PM. Check-in starts at 3 PM. Dinner is served at 6 PM, and there is plenty of time to go and explore the area. Ask the crew on Day 1 how to get to the nearby megalithic site, the Externstones. (While you can walk, you better take a bus / taxi) Departure: On the last day, the departure is around 12 PM after brunch.
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