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The ALL SHIFT HAPPILY NOW Team wants to give back to this Community.


This Conference is life-changing and PACKED with so MUCH🫶
What is your reason to be excited about the big ALL SHIFT HAPPILY NOW Conference?

  • Make a selfie-Video! Tell us what gets you exited 🤩

  • Most exciting video wins! 🏆

  • Make sure this is a typical vertical phone video (9:16)

  • Upload it on this Website.

This is a $3,000 Give-Away!!

⚠️This Conference is selling out fast.⚠️
Once the Conference Hall is filled, we cannot sell any more Tickets. Don't wait too long and reserve your Spot now:

(Even if you already have your Ticket, you can still upload your Video. If you win, you'll get your Ticket for Free!)

The BIGGEST Give-Away ever. 🤩


Your content has been submitted

In case the Video Upload is not working correctly on your device 📱 or you want to make double-sure:
just upload the Video to your Instagram Story and tag us!
@Tim.Tactics, @kaedrich_olsen, @sarahzula and @sarahbreskmancosme

The prize includes full coverage for a conference ticket, including the stay in the Ashram, food, tea, water, and all events. No cash payout. The ticket will be activated once the winner provides proof of their flight to Germany for October 16-21 (travel not included in the prize).

This is what gets them excited!

Look what Tim.Tactics, Sarah Breskman Cosme, Kaedrich Olsen & Sarah Zula have to say.

Let us know what sparks your inner joy about the ASHN Conference 

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