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🔹The full Conference Experience 🌟
🔹Rooms inside the Ashram 🛏️

🔹Organic, highly-energized food, twice a day 🥬🍽️

🔹Fresh Fruits in the morning 🍐

🔹A healthy Tea Bar throughout the Day 🍵

🔹Unlimited Water from a dynametized Water Fountain with different Options to choose from 💧
🔹Unlimited Access to the Meditation Tower and the surrounding Land 🧘‍♀️
🔹One Yoga Class per Person - choose from a great variety of available Classes 
🔹Access to the Pranayama Training - Train live with the Ashram People

🔹Access to the Fire (Homa) Ceremony
🔹 Other Goodies and Suprises 🤩💜

Ticket for Earthlings outside Europe

2.444,00 €Price
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